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Honey is a sweet liquid made by honeybee which is extracted from plants and stored in honeycombs as the form of wax structure . Pure honey constits of high level of monosaccharids, fructose and glucose and consists of 70-80% of glucose. Flavour of honey will be same as the type of flower from which nector is extracted.

Types of Honey

Single Origin

Nector extracted from one specific plants.

Multi flower Origin

Nector extracted from different type of plants.

Honey is also used to remedy throughout the history and has variety of health benefits, like to heal wound, improves digestive issues, soothe a sore throat. Honey is available in form of raw and pasteurized form. Raw honey will contain trace amounts of yeast, wax and pollen, consuming raw honey helps to improve seasonal allergies. Pasteurized honey is one which isheated and processed to remove impurities.

TYPE Multi Flower Honey
ORIGIN Indian Forest Honey
PACKING 250 grams 500 grams 20 kg TIN

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