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The turmeric finger is the purest form of turmeric and is used in medicines, food and dyeing processes. The product is sourced from the farmers who grow the crop in natural and organic manner.

The various varieties of turmeric that are traded in India are Allepey Finger ( Kerala), Erode Turmeric (Tamil Nadu), Salem Turmeric (Tamil Nadu), Rajapore Turmeric (Maharashtra), Sangli Turmeric (Maharashtra), Nizamabad Bulb ( Andhra Pradesh) .Most of them are yellow in color, but there are also white and black turmeric which are less popular and cultivated less. The first variety is Curcuma aromatica or Kasturi Manjal which is known for its fine odor. Thorne’s Meriva-SF (soy-free) sustained-release capsules take the top pick among turmeric supplements for its high-quality, bio available formula. Meriva, a highly-studied form of curcumin, has been shown to have 29 times greater absorption than ordinary curcumin. Hence Turmeric finger is the best product quality in flavoring the food and also for the health. It has retained as Number one quality now in the current market.

Turmeric Fingers Specifications

These Turmeric fingers are used to flavor and to color foodstuffs. There are 7 to 12 leaves, the leaf sheaths forms the pseudo stem. The lamina is green above and pale green below and has a length of 30-40 cm and width 8-12 cm.Turmeric is the boiled, dried, cleaned and polished rhizomes of Curcuma long. The plant is a herbaceous perennial, 60-90 cm high, with a short stem and tufted leaf. Inflorescence is a central spike of 10-15 cm length. 1-4 flowers are born in axils of the bract opening one at a time. It is used in cosmetics.

Turmeric export from India is pretty less as compared to other spices like coriander and chilly due to low global awareness. But it’ll surely catch up in years to return as more and more people across the planet are getting health–conscious WEW traders is a leading exporter of High quality, organic turmeric in bulk as well as wholesale turmeric powder suppliers in India.

Turmeric is a crucial commercial crop grown in India. The developed countries just like the USA,the united kingdom and Japan are taking much interest in purchasing Indian turmeric thanks to high degree of quality consciousness being followed by the Indian exporters. In India the climate, fertility of the soil, rainfall and cultivation practice are highly favorable for cultivation of turmeric.

Turmeric is in high demand onthe ecumarketplace forhealth products. Numerous studiesareconducted on the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant activities ofturmeric. In Europe the capsules/tablets containing powder and extracts are marketed to support thesystem, joint and digestive health. Turmeric (Curcuma longa’s) popularity has also sparked research into other health areas.

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